The Night Has A New Sound..Who is Pylot?



Who is this mysterious newcomer PYLOT ? I have been asked that a lot recently and I have no real solid answer. He has two released tracks at the moment making the rounds, “Flashback” and “After Dark” on Soundcloud. I love them already and I am not alone. Of course there will be the obvious references to the Dead Cruiser, the street bike-mysterious driver shtick only feeds that fire and yes, the sound is similar in ways but there are many differences too. The best way I can describe it is if Kavinsky and Bestrack had a baby, and that baby rode motorcyc oh nevermind, continuing on then..

Whether a man or a woman, the producer behind this music is still unknown, but we do know that they are under the umbrella of Vancouver, Canada EDM label Monstercat at the moment who have been around since 2011 with an impressive catalog and should give him a great platform.

PYLOT would do well for fans of Barretso, Kavinsky, Visitor, Bobby tank and more. A big sound that has me excited to hear more. The glossy production and art direction don’t hurt either. Check it out now.

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