Aldous : A New Journey

  Aldous is a new synth artist on the scene hailing from Toronto who is skilled, refreshing, and putting a melodic twist on the Synthwave style. His debut EP release titled “Journey By Moonlight” features 5 tracks with heartfelt overtones and sweeping emotions. I found the albums sound to be a nice twist to the […]

Gunship Unleashes Armageddon

  SYNTHWAVE GETS A NEW MASTERPIECE The arrival of GUNSHIP (Dan Haigh, Alex Westway and Alex Gingell) on the Synthwave scene recently has caused quite a stir. Their new Self Titled Lp is beyond amazing with fantastic tracks, catchy lyrics, excellent vocals and wonderful remixes. Add a cool retro cover and you’ve got one hell […]

The Night Has A New Sound..Who is Pylot?

THE STREETS ARE GLOWING RED Who is this mysterious newcomer PYLOT ? I have been asked that a lot recently and I have no real solid answer. He has two released tracks at the moment making the rounds, “Flashback” and “After Dark” on Soundcloud. I love them already and I am not alone. Of course […]

Sayak Striker Will Never Surrender

Sayak Strikes Back A little over year ago Sayak Striker released his amazing Ep titled “Face A”. It was clear Sayak was a serious presence in the Synth scene and I had hoped he would stick around. Well this late this February basically a year to the day, Sayak has returned with the aptly titled […]

Stratford.Ct Celebrates One Year

Happy Anniversary to Stratford.Ct Cheers and congrats to the eclectic and recently formed Del Mar, California label Stratford Ct. In a short time this imprint has put out an impressive array of releases in just one years span. Another cool aspect of this label is pretty much everything they offer is name your price, their […]

John Carpenter’s “Lost Themes” Project

  Legendary Horror/Sci-Fi  director and composer John Carpenter, the man behind such films as Escape From New York, Halloween and Assault on Precinct 13 has recently released an album titled “Lost Themes“ on the Sacred Bones Label. I initially assumed “Lost Themes” was a collection of old recordings etc from some of his past films, […]

Night Runner: The Starfighter Lp

AN EPIC ADVENTURE BEGINS Hailing from Morella, Mexico, Alex Diosdado and Tabique Malévolo form the impressive Night Runner. Earlier this month the duo dropped their new 10-Track release titled “Starfighter”. This Lp is a thrilling ride from start to finish and proof of the Night Runner’s unrelenting power. Who is the “Night Runner”? What does […]

Monomer’s Labyrinth LP

  GET LOST IN THE SOUND Earlier this month, Massachusetts Chiptune Synth artist Gavin Allen A.K.A Monomer unleashed a powerful Lp titled “Labryinth”. A 10 Track offering that’s intense, intricate and catchy all at the same time with incredible artwork and production. This is a unique co-label release between Telefuture Records and the Ubiktune Label […]

Sellorekt/L.A Dreams: Insomnia

STAYING UP ALL NIGHT Synthwave favorite Sellorekt/L.A Dreams is becoming a household name these days. He’s up to his usual back of tricks and by that we mean releasing a consistent stream of new material for 80’s synth fan’s to enjoy. Here he’s outdone himself again with his latest offering “Insomnia”. The Lp features 8 […]

Perturbator: Dangerous Days

The Gates Of Hell Have Opened! James Kent better known as Darksynth master Perturbator has just released one hell of an LP titled “Dangerous Days” out on Blood Music and Telefuture Records. The ominously intense “Dangerous Days” spans an impressive 13 tracks and is something to behold. The album was made available in limited vinyl […]

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