Stratford.Ct Celebrates One Year

Happy Anniversary to Stratford.Ct Cheers and congrats to the eclectic and recently formed Del Mar, California label Stratford Ct. In a short time this imprint has put out an impressive array of releases in just one years span. Another cool aspect of this label is pretty much everything they offer is name your price, their […]

Monomer’s Labyrinth LP

  GET LOST IN THE SOUND Earlier this month, Massachusetts Chiptune Synth artist Gavin Allen A.K.A Monomer unleashed a powerful Lp titled “Labryinth”. A 10 Track offering that’s intense, intricate and catchy all at the same time with incredible artwork and production. This is a unique co-label release between Telefuture Records and the Ubiktune Label […]

Room8: Visions Of You EP

Synth Duo’s Join Forces For A Common Vision Ezra Reich and Nic Johns aka Room8 have just recently released a new EP/Collaboration with Canadian Synth Duo Electric Youth titled “Visions of You“.  The single is off of their upcoming anticipated album “Transduction” which still has no set release date as of yet. If this release […]