Lazerhawk: Skull & Shark

The infamous Lazerhawk has recently released a new Lp titled “Skull and Shark”which is an groundbreaking artist/musician collaboration with the talented artist Dave Rapoza. If you we’re hungry for a follow up to 2012’s “Visitors” then this is all you ever dreamed and more. Spanning a massive 15 tracks this is sure to satisfy and […]

Kavinsky: The Video Game

Kavinsky: The Video Game Recently the enigmatic Kavinsky and label Record Makers released what they claim to be the first ever video game based on a record although Julian Aznar’s “Electric Gigolo” beat them to that years ago we’re pretty sure. Either way this game is rocking and fits the persona of Kavinsky perfectly, as […]

Synth Worlds Compilation

Cyber Synth 2077 Compilation

Blade Runner : Tears In Rain