Playstation 4 Takes E3


This years E3 conference was set to be quite the showdown as X-Box and Playstation we’re set to officially debut their new platforms that would carry them into the next decade.

The X-Box One had already put it’s foot in it’s mouth over and over again leading up to the conference and despite the hopes of fans worldwide, Microsoft decided to use the conference to further confirm that it was sticking with it’s missteps and not only would continue with their plans to effectively kill the second hand games market but announced that the X-Box one would cost 499$ Gamers and devotees of Microsoft were left understandably crushed, disappointed and feeling betrayed.

Enter Sony’s Playstation 4, this was Sony’s big chance to capitalize on Microsoft’s mistakes and they did it, oh boy did they ever. Whether you attended E3 in person or simply watched the conference from the comfort of your living room, cheering was almost unavoidable as Sony announced amazing titles and developments not only for PS Vita and Playstation 3 but for it’s next gen system everyone was wanting to hear about. Could you play used games? Yes. Would you have to check in via-internet? NO. Could you swap titles with each other? Yes. Would it cost as much as the X-Box One? NO. Que Applause.

Not only would PS4 host a bevy of jaw dropping titles but it’s system would cost 399$ A hundred dollars less than the X-Box One. Win. It’s easy to understand why the PS4 received glorious cheer and applause over and over throughout the conference. Whether your a Playstation fan or not you have to give it to them, they took this conference by storm. Oh, did we mention the system looks fantastic as well? Don’t take our word for it see for yourself and watch the video below


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