Kristine has finally released her first official e.p titled “Modern Love” out on Tuff Em Up! Records. This is the one we have been waiting for, fantastic true-the-80’s AOR!!. Previously released tracks such as Modern Love, The Danger and Summer Long Gone have gotten an extra touch up and sheen in the studio with vocals sounding stronger and beefed up choruses. Also included in the release are some fantastic remixes from the likes of powerhouses Mitch Murder, Barretso and Power Glove. This is a must have to spend your summer rocking properly! Make sure to check the links below and pick up “Modern Love” today!.



01 Modern Love
02 Summer Long Gone
03 The Danger
04 Modern Love (Barretso Remix)
05 The Danger (Mitch Murder Remix)
06 Modern Love (Power Glove Remix)
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