Hendo Hoverboard


The Future Is Now

A real Hoverboard may soon be on the way to your local neighborhood. Upstart company Hendo have almost surpassed their Goal on Kickstarter twice over ensuring that they can go forward with their production of the worlds first actually factually functioning Hoverboards.

There are some drawbacks involved such as the need for special surface of copper or aluminum in order for the board to hover and the fact that it only gets an inch off the ground. The founders are clear that this is just the first step and much bigger ambitions are in place for the technology.

Throughout the next year, with the Kickstarter officially ending next month in December, there will be various unveilings and deliveries of certain fund level perks, such as the desktop Hoverboard and “The White Box” which is a scaled down version of the Hendo Hover Engine available for those who wish to dream up inventive applications of their own.

Delivery of the actual boards will be at the unveiling event October 21st 2015. Check out their Kickstarter page here for more info. There are still several options for donations available. Just remember, they don’t work on water Mcfly!!!


Check out the HENDO Kickstarter HERE




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