Gunship Unleashes Armageddon




The arrival of GUNSHIP (Dan Haigh, Alex Westway and Alex Gingell) on the Synthwave scene recently has caused quite a stir. Their new Self Titled Lp is beyond amazing with fantastic tracks, catchy lyrics, excellent vocals and wonderful remixes. Add a cool retro cover and you’ve got one hell of a package. Haigh and Westway are actually members of well known UK Rockgroup Fightstar and you can hear their level of professionalism in this package. Several singles on the release get the video treatment as well and the results are epic, one video for “Tech Noir” featuring Claymation by Lee Hardcastle for and another utilizing the grand theft auto engine to make a video which is about the coolest idea ever.



The remixes are all impressive with our favorite being Carpenter Brut’s rendition of “Tech Noir” one of the Lp’s best. Miami Nights 1984 offers a chillwave take and Makeup & Vanity Set make an appearance to close out the record. All in all one of the years best releases by far, this is synthwave with proper vocals people, you could easily imagine this on the radio and maybe it will be, perhaps this is the beginning of the bridge to a larger audience. You could file this release alongside Le Cassettes impressive “Left To Our Own Devices”and Kristine’s newest self titled. Pick it up and support this masterpiece here at the Gunship bandcamp:

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