Giorgio Moroder : Tron Run/R Soundtrack


Legendary Electronic Producer Giorgio Moroder has recently done an original Sountrack for a new Tron video game which was released earlier this year titled Tron Run/R. On the release Moroder joins forces with Randy Shockne who has done work on other games such as Dragon Age and The Sims. Also making appearances on the soundtrack are remixes of selected tracks from Giorgio and Shockne by Autechre, Rusko, Plaid, Biblio and more.

The Soundtrack is set to be released May 31st and will feature 14 Tracks, which are listed below in addition to a PS4 launch promo video for the game. You can purchase the release HERE


01 Run Program
02 Run Program [Bibio remix]
03 Recursion
04 Invalid Path
05 Invalid Path [Darkstar remix]
06 Delta Antliae [Nicholls remix]
07 Delta Antliae [Patten remix]
08 611 Time Out
09 611 Time Out [Autechre remix]
10 Decrypted
11 Memory String
12 Memory String [Plaid remix]
13 Parity Error
14 Parity Error [Rusko remix]

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