Rising Star:Kidmograph


A Glimpse Into The Future

Futuristic Gif. designer Gustavo Torres, also known as Kidmograph is a rising design star hailing from Argentina. He has been working at computer art for over a decade now and his Gif designs are extremely retro-futuristic in their style and presentation. All of this has earned him a spotlight on the art website Giphy and even gallery showings.  He lists Francis Bacon, Warhol, Dada and Basquiat among his many influences.

One of the things he favorably mentions and we find extremely appealing as well is how Gif. art is endless. Some of his designs are certainly capable of captivating your attention for longer than you would like to admit. Staring, drooling at the screen in complete awe of the  amazing Kidmograph.

Gustavo has several websites worth checking out as well as an impressively expansive amount of work too much to post here. Check out his links below:

Kidmograph Tumblr

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