Jupiter-8: Experience The Unknown


Take A Journey Into The Beyond

I guess it’s hard to keep up sometimes, we have been listening to this release all week from Jupiter-8 called “The Unknown” and the minute I decided to post about it I realized, I don’t know where to begin. However instead of throwing in the towel early I have decided to push on and try to put together something legible…

So what can I say about this Lp? For starters It’s pretty fantastic stuff and really nails that authentic horror movie soundtrack feel. It’s clear this was the intention from the cover, in addition Jupiter mentions it’s inspired by “Deadly Spawn” which is a horror flick about a bunch of Sarlac monters causing trouble. So it all works well together and it’s certainly eerie.

What I did not expect to find however was Jupiter’s extensive history of past releases of all sorts on his Bandcamp page, It’s always great to find new music and in this case, better late than never! Check these out if you have some time on your hands. Some standouts on “The Unknown” for us are “Deadly Encounter” and “Snakes In The Pool”. Make sure to give it a spin HERE and you can check the video below. Here’s to many more great releases Jupiter-8!


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