Korg:Mini MS-20

Everyone is buzzing about Korg’s recent announcement that it will be making an all analog mini version of the legendary Ms-20!!!  Very Excite!!! This is a very exciting time for synthesizers with the upcoming D.S.I 12 on the horizon as well synth lovers will be pinching their pennies.Check out the promotional video from Korg below.

J.J Abram’s/Star Wars: Episode VII

    Despite previous denials he would direct a new Star Wars, J.J Abrams has announced he will be taking the responsibilities of directing the 7th installment of the sci-fi franchise which was recently sold to Disney for 4.05 Billion dollars. This is in addition to directing the newest installment of  Star Trek: Into Darkness  […]

Arkuma: Electric Visions

  Check out some artwork from Arkuma, an awesome motion graphic designer and illustrator from London. His style is Futuristic yet retro often with an extra helping of 80’s styling. His “Tribute To The 80’s” video on Vimeo was our first taste of this fantastic artists abilities, and the hunt was on for more! Check […]

New D.S.I Prophet 12

  Dave Smith Instruments Unveils Prophet 12 at NAMM All New Polyphonic Synthesizer From Master Synth Designer ANAHEIM, Calif.—January 24, 2013—Dave Smith Instruments today introduced a new polyphonic synthesizer, the Prophet 12, at the 2013 NAMM Show. “After 35 years of creating synths, this is simply my best synth yet,” said Smith. “We sort of […]

Imperial Boy: A New World

Awhile back I stumbled on some fantastically intricate artwork by a Japanese artist called Imperial Boy.  His artwork is extremely detailed and has such an amazingly warm feel yet expresses such distance and depth. Also It was only recently that I discovered he has worked on the wonderful anime TekkokinKreet. There are plenty of blogs […]

Disney purchases Star Wars

Walt Disney Co agreed to purchase the “Star Wars” franchise for $4.05 billion in cash and stock. This comes as no suprise to me, it seems hard to imagine him making another three and it could possibly end up in the right hands of a capable director, a friend recently brought up Disney’s Tron remake, which in […]

1982 ‘Blade Runner’ Convention

  Produced for old sci-fi and fantasy conventions–back when the nerdy convention circuit was less corporate and even less frequently bathed–this 16mm, 13-minute Blade Runner featurette takes a look behind the scenes of the now-classic, and includes interviews with three of the lead geniuses in making the film as enduring as it is: director Ridley […]

Novation Mininova

  MiniNova is a compact, super-cool studio and live synth with the same sound engine as its big brother; UltraNova. It comes with 256 incredible onboard sounds that you can tweak with five knobs, or totally warp with eight ‘animate’ buttons. It has up to 18 voices with as many as five synth effects on […]

Dave Smith/Mopho X

Last month Dave Smith Instruments debuted their brand new Mopho X analog synthesizer. Unlike it’s younger brother the Mopho, The X4 delivers 4 voice polyphony!!! Check out the video or visit the official Dave Smith site here

Back To Hell:Diablo III

Blizzard finally released the long anticipated Diablo III last month for PC and Mac. Reviews have been positive across the board with the main complaint seeming to be online related frustrations. The visuals are pretty fantastic, character customization is vast and  leveling up skills and abilities is a blast. Yes that rhymed. I should be […]

Synth Worlds Compilation

Cyber Synth 2077 Compilation

Blade Runner : Tears In Rain