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Aldous is a new synth artist on the scene hailing from Toronto who is skilled, refreshing, and putting a melodic twist on the Synthwave style. His debut EP release titled “Journey By Moonlight” features 5 tracks with heartfelt overtones and sweeping emotions. I found the albums sound to be a nice twist to the overdriven Miami sunset influence that is so typical of the Synthwave sound, namely his ample incorporation of piano. Sentimental tracks like “Nocte Luna” and “Equanimity” are fittingly offset by the more upbeat energy of the closer “Incipit Vita Nova”.

The “Journey By Moonlight” Album is a nice addition to anyone’s collection and should provide some much needed variety as well! What is Aldous’s motives or inspiration for his unique style? The more we thought about it the more we found ourselves with some questions! We caught up with him recently following his appearance on FCR Compilation X and got some insight into his workflow and other ideas.

Aldous’s EP “Journey By Moonlight” can be purchased and downloaded HERE and you can also follow him on Facebook and Soundcloud!
Q:  When did you get started playing music? What are the primary instruments that you play? Are you self taught?
A: I began playing music at the age of seven, taking piano lessons at school over the course of four years. After receiving classical training as well as studying music theory, I started learning how to improvise around the age of 13. Since then, I’ve been composing my own music, usually starting with melodies in the piano and then building in the harmony with synth and pad, as well as including drums. My focus is to create reflective and uplifting music with an abstract narrative, allowing for an open space that the listener can adapt to.
Q: Do you play live? If not, Is this something you would like to do in the future?
A: Currently I don’t play live, however I would love to in the future. In high school I would often play at coffee houses and school events, and I’ll never forget how exhilarating that feeling is, performing in front of a crowd, doing what you love.
Q: What inspires you when your writing/ creating music?
A: When creating music I’m often inspired by vibrant imagery, as I’m such a visual thinker and learner. For Journey by Moonlight, my inspiration came from two things primarily – the first being imagery of the aurora borealis and the night sky, represented in the cover artwork. The second inspiration came from my favourite novel, which I named the EP after. It’s a story of a man who’s immensely nostalgic, with a longing to return to the days of his youth. However it also follows a picturesque journey through Italy, with moments of impulsive, unconventional and even mystical wanderings of the strange anti-hero who’s character is so intriguing. The themes and places within the novel, such as nostalgia and the landscapes of Italy, served as my inspiration for the names of the tracks on the EP.
Q: Is Aldous just you or do you collaborate with other musicians occasionally?
A: At the moment, Aldous is just me. When creating the EP, I collaborated with one of my brothers who’s a drummer, and so he contributed particularly to Impermanence and Incipit Vita Nova. For the next album, I do have plans to collaborate with one of my friends who’s a skilled guitarist and sound engineer.
Q: I believe your based in the UK, what is the music scene like there for synth/electronic style artists? Is it supportive of new artists/ talents?
A: There has always been a strong scene for electronic artists in the UK. I’m originally from Bristol, and so from an early age I was exposed to experimental rock that introduced elements of techno, house and trip hop. Bands like Portishead and Massive Attack really popularized the electronic and trip hop scene in the UK, and have also paved the way for other artists to stretch the boundaries of experimental rock and hip hop.
Q: What are your plans for Aldous in the future,
A: In terms of the future, I’m currently working on my debut LP, which is mainly inspired by the imagery of a sunrise. My concept is to capture that moment when you’re watching the sun coming over the horizon, as the whole world seems to stop just for those few minutes – I’d love to take that moment and stretch it across a whole album.
I feel like these new tracks have a more uplifting and energetic vibe, but the focus is still on the evocative melodies creating that atmospheric feel. I also have plans to include vocals too – I love to sing and I feel like including this element could really bring these new tracks to life. I’ve often been inspired and influenced by artists who have continuously pushed their boundaries and taken risks in their music, and I plan to do the same.

Thank you!

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