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    Gosling Teams With Jewel For Lost River

      Ryan Goslings anticipated Directorial debut “Lost River” will be premiering at SXSW this April and the soundtrack for the film is being helmed by his personal friend and collaborator, the charismatic Chromatics frontman Johnny Jewel. Jewel worked with Gosling previously on the Nicholas Winding Refn’s masterpiece “Drive”. On the “Lost River” soundtrack, Jewel enlists […]

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    John Carpenter’s “Lost Themes” Project

      Legendary Horror/Sci-Fi  director and composer John Carpenter, the man behind such films as Escape From New York, Halloween and Assault on Precinct 13 has recently released an album titled “Lost Themes“ on the Sacred Bones Label. I initially assumed “Lost Themes” was a collection of old recordings etc from some of his past films, […]

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    Giorgio Moroder: 74 Is The New 24

    The Legend Returns Dance Music Pioneer and music legend Giorgio Moroder has recently announced his first full length album in 30 years titled “74 Is The New 24“. The release is slated for 2015 on RCA and will feature notable collaborations with Charli XCX, Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, Foxes, and more. The Creators Project is […]

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Hendo Hoverboard

The Future Is Now A real Hoverboard may soon be on the way to your local neighborhood. Upstart company Hendo have almost surpassed their Goal on Kickstarter twice over ensuring that they can go forward with their production of the worlds first actually factually functioning Hoverboards. There are some drawbacks involved such as the need […]



Miku Meets Letterman

Hatsune Miku Meets Letterman Japanese Pop-Star slash Hologram Hatsune Miku recently performed on the David Letterman show. Hatsune is a computer generated mega star in Japan with Electro-Rock J-Pop stylings. Holograms could offer some interesting spins to the entertainment industry as technology becomes more and more advanced. It was very surreal to see this on […]



Korg Odyssey To Return

Arp Odyssey Set To Make A Return In addition to the acclaimed remake of their MS-20 synth, Korg has recently announced that it will be developing a remake of the legendary Arp Odyssey synthesizer. Set to be released sometime this September. Adding to the excitement, David Friend, Co-Founder of Arp will be working with them […]



Rising Star:Kidmograph

  A Glimpse Into The Future Futuristic Gif. designer Gustavo Torres, also known as Kidmograph is a rising design star hailing from Argentina. He has been working at computer art for over a decade now and his Gif designs are extremely retro-futuristic in their style and presentation. All of this has earned him a spotlight […]



Kung Fury: Beyond Awesome

Enter The Fury David Sandberg and his amazing video crew Laser Unicorns based in Sweden have recently achieved their goal on popular crowd funding site Kickstarter in order to produce a proper internet release of their 30-min. over the top action movie titled “Kung Fury” which pays hardcore homage to 80’s cop flicks etc. Strap […]



Church of Lux

Behold mortals a new artist collective has recently emerged from the shadows and they call themselves the Church Of Lux. Not much is known at the present moment about the groups intents or purpose. So far from what we can tell,they are on a mission to spread their retro-futuristic style throughout the galaxy. Featuring the […]



Kavinsky: The Video Game

Kavinsky: The Video Game Recently the enigmatic Kavinsky and label Record Makers released what they claim to be the first ever video game based on a record although Julian Aznar’s “Electric Gigolo” beat them to that years ago we’re pretty sure. Either way this game is rocking and fits the persona of Kavinsky perfectly, as […]



Sigur Rós:Game Of Thrones

Icelandic post-rock visionaries Sigur Rós have reportedly signed on to star in some upcoming episodes of the hit show Game Of Thrones. They aren’t the first band to make an appearance on the show they follow in the footsteps of such acclaimed acts as The National, Hold Steady, Coldplay and Snow Patrol. No confirmations as […]



Grand Theft Auto V: The Soundtrack

Rockstar Games has just released the massive soundtrack for their wildly successful Grand Theft Auto V. The release spans three albums and features brand new music from the likes of Neon Indian, Chain Gang of 1979, Yeasayer, Twin Shadow and many more as well as a massive effort from synth pioneers Tangerine Dream who alongside […]



Playstation 4 Takes E3

This years E3 conference was set to be quite the showdown as X-Box and Playstation we’re set to officially debut their new platforms that would carry them into the next decade. The X-Box One had already put it’s foot in it’s mouth over and over again leading up to the conference and despite the hopes […]



C: 299,792 km/s

C: 299,792 km/s  is a short futuristic sci-fi film started with a Kickstarter campaign by Derek Van Gorder and Otto Stockmeier , two New York filmmakers  who proposed creating a film in the old-fashioned way. Showing designs and tests, they raised over $37,000, which was more than double their expectations. The movie tells the story […]



Signalstarr: Distant Dreams

The internet is amazing for many reasons, being able to have access to artists and designers from across the globe is definitely one of them! Case In Point meet Nick Stewart Hoyle a.k.a Signalstarr , a fantastic visual artist and graphic designer who calls London his home. His artwork would suggest otherwise however as he […]




Night Runner: The Starfighter Lp

Posted by on November 23, 2014

AN EPIC ADVENTURE BEGINS Hailing from Morella, Mexico, Alex Diosdado and Tabique Malévolo form the impressive Night Runner. Earlier this month the duo dropped their new 10-Track release titled “Starfighter”. This Lp is a thrilling ride from start to finish and proof of the Night Runner’s unrelenting power. Who is the “Night Runner”? What does […]



Monomer’s Labyrinth LP

Posted by on November 23, 2014

  GET LOST IN THE SOUND Earlier this month, Massachusetts Chiptune Synth artist Gavin Allen A.K.A Monomer unleashed a powerful Lp titled “Labryinth”. A 10 Track offering that’s intense, intricate and catchy all at the same time with incredible artwork and production. This is a unique co-label release between Telefuture Records and the Ubiktune Label […]



Sellorekt/L.A Dreams: Insomnia

Posted by on November 22, 2014

STAYING UP ALL NIGHT Synthwave favorite Sellorekt/L.A Dreams is becoming a household name these days. He’s up to his usual back of tricks and by that we mean releasing a consistent stream of new material for 80’s synth fan’s to enjoy. Here he’s outdone himself again with his latest offering “Insomnia”. The Lp features 8 […]



Ogre Returns with 195

Posted by on November 5, 2014

  OGRE: 195 British Synth wizard Robin Ogden A.K.A OGRE has just announced a new Lp titled “195” which spans a mind numbing 24-Tracks. A truly next-level follow up to his fantastic 2013 release, the Miami Inspired “Calico Brawn”. The artist states “195” explores the “thrill, excitement and legacy of 1980s action cinema” and that […]

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